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The PwC audit experience

With the leading US Fortune 500® audit market share* — and a leading Fortune 1000® audit market share* — PwC is well placed to bring the right industry experience and subject-matter capabilities to your audit.

When it comes to getting a quality audit, industry insight and knowledge are critical. Knowing that your audit team "gets" your industry-specific issues — and how they impact your company's success — is invaluable.

We touch Power & Utility clients in every region of the world, giving us the depth of resources and range of experience needed to clearly understand the special dynamics (and volatility) of the utilities marketplace. Our experience in this industry allows us to deliver a broad range of industry relevant insights and advice - inside and outside the audit.

Having the right independent auditors can be an asset. They help protect capital markets — and your brand — by attesting to the accuracy of your financial statements. Additionally, the right auditor helps you understand and better manage your critical risks by sharing accounting and business best practices. Finally, by offering informed views, a quality auditor can help you anticipate the financial and reporting impacts of your business decisions.

To a publicly traded company, the financial statement audit offers credibility. To its shareholders, it offers comfort. And to all stakeholders — including the market at large — the external audit offers confidence.

At PwC, we believe that a high-quality audit is defined by how well we deliver on all aspects of our services, including tailoring it to your needs. As one of the largest professional services firms in the U.S., we are committed to meeting the expectations outlined below:

Your business need What you will receive
Performance of a high-quality audit
  • An audit that helps give stakeholders confidence in the integrity of your financial statements
  • Our views on the nature of your accounting policies
  • Our perspective around your judgments and estimates
Informed points of view
  • Context around complex issues and the broader implications to your business
  • Through our experience with other, similar businesses, advice and insights that can help you make better judgments and anticipate opportunities and challenges
Meeting regulatory requirements
  • Monitored developments in industry and technical regulatory requirements so that you can keep your accounting and reporting current and accurate
Responsibility to stakeholders/protecting your brand
  • An independent and objective opinion on your controls and financial statements, as well as insights into your other reports and disclosures, so you can maintain consistent messaging and protect your reputation
Continuous service improvement
  • Annual effectiveness reviews offering an independent perspective on audit quality and process
  • Coverage of new areas you consider to be of risk and exploration of the audit implications of significant changes in your business — looking for ways to consolidate efforts, while providing necessary audit coverage

Assurance is PwC’s largest business. Through this practice, we carry out our most important role in the financial reporting system: enhancing the credibility and reliability of financial statements through the issuance of an audit report. Maintaining capital market confidence in the quality of our audits is therefore a paramount objective for us.

Read more about what PwC is doing to achieve our objective of consistently performing high-quality audits in Our focus on audit quality.

* Source: Nationally, on the basis of percentage of number of clients, we maintain the leading US Fortune 500® audit market share and a leading Fortune 1000® audit market share. Source: Audit Analytics, Fortune Magazine May 2013

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Power & Utilities Risk Assurance Leader, PwC US

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