Insurance 2020 & Beyond Video Series

In 2010, we began analyzing the trends reshaping insurance and what the industry would look like by 2020. Now that 2020 is closer than 2010, we thought it would be worthwhile to review our initial projections and look ahead to the likely major trends of the next five years and beyond. While we expect our findings and conclusions will remain valid, it’s clear that change is occurring even faster than we originally predicted.

In the following videos, PwC’s Marie Carr, Anand Rao and Jamie Yoder discuss how insurance is facing more disruption than any other industry. They describe how insurers are adapting to an era in which customers have more knowledge and power than they ever have before, how developments in data and analytics are profoundly changing every aspect of insurers’ operations, and the new business models that are emerging from this period of profound disruption.

Insurance 2020 & Beyond: The Future of Insurance

Customer revolution

Information advantage

New business models

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