Aviation Perspectives: Volume 4.1 - Cybersecurity and airlines

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Cybersecurity has become an elevated risk that is among the most pressing issues affecting businesses. Today’s cyber adversaries are more persistent, skilled, and technologically savvy than just a year ago, and leaders across all industries are taking notice. According to PwC’s 2015 Global Airline CEO Survey, 85% of airline CEOs in the study view cybersecurity as a significant risk, likely reflecting the highly sensitive nature of flight systems and passenger data.

In this edition of Aviation Perspectives, we begin a four-part, special report series that examines cybersecurity in the context of the airline industry. Following this 2016 introductory volume, which provides an overview of the issue and its related risks, we will analyze the related challenges in terms of prevention, detection and reaction. We’ll outline actionable steps that airline executives can take to position themselves to be prepared for the evolving cyber threat environment.

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