Aviation Perspectives: Volume 4.2 - Cybersecurity prevention

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June 2016


Airline executives are confronting a new set of risks in the cyber domain where the challenge of protecting their passengers, flight crews, and trading partners is rapidly becoming more complex. They also know they have to constantly monitor and evolve their cybersecurity programs to keep pace with advancing and shifting threat vectors—from loyalty programs to aircraft operations to back-office technology platforms.

In the second part of our 2016 special-edition of Aviation Perspectives, we delve into the topic of prevention. In addition to considering the related challenges, we outline proactive measures that can help airline companies better prepare, such as the following:

  • Building a security culture. This involves addressing cybersecurity risks across the entire airline, including back-office IT, maintenance, and operations, consumer-facing systems, management, and the board.
  • Leveraging tools that strengthen cybersecurity capabilities. Related areas include threat intelligence sources, identity and access management, data protection and encryption, design and application security, and security awareness.

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