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Unique and complex challenges

The $100 million to $1 billion purchase or sale of a major league organization. The development or expansion of a new ballpark, stadium or arena. The enhancement of broadcast rights, gate receipts, food and merchandise sales, sponsorships and other income streams. The constant challenge to control costs. These are just some of the issues that are at the forefront of the unique and complex sports industry.

Providing focused services

PwC Hospitality & Leisure practice includes experienced sports industry professionals who lead the way in providing focused services to address the challenges associated with this unique and complex industry.

Our specialists provide:

  • Transaction support: To evaluate the value of a professional sports franchise, it is critical to assess a range of potential assets including: player contracts, coach’s and front office personnel contracts, expansion rights, arena and stadium leases, broadcasting rights, franchises, equipment and improvements, season ticket holder relationships, advertiser relationships, and others. PwC teams support buyers, sellers and lenders of professional franchises by assisting in the determination of the appropriate value associated with professional sports franchises and/or their related venues.
  • Development: Whether it is the expansion of an existing facility or the development of a new arena, ballpark or stadium, PwC professionals assist clients in evaluating and estimating potential market demand, as well as estimating the economic, tax or fiscal impact of potential projects. In addition, our sports industry professionals help identify and quantify the various funding sources and financing vehicles available to both private and public sector entities. This includes the evaluation and development of various public/private financing ventures, including naming rights and other sponsorship opportunities.
  • Operational enhancement: Once a facility is developed, the ongoing challenge is maximizing the value of the investment. Based on our thorough understanding of pertinent issues related to operating a sports facility, as well as our extensive knowledge of other sports facilities and organizations, our professionals can provide operational assessments to help streamline office operations, accounting standards, purchasing, and profitability.

Best practices for success

PwC sports industry specialists maintain regular contact with government agencies, professional associations and other organizations to keep abreast of legislation, changes in regulations and advances in technology which affect the development and operations of sports facilities. Capitalizing on lessons learned from both the successes and failures of sports facilities throughout the country, our professionals have developed in-depth industry knowledge, allowing us to provide you with ideas and strategies for success and to assist in enhancing value and maximizing revenue. The reputation and experience of PwC's teams provides the greatest level of assurance that the recommendations and conclusions reached will be visionary, achievable, realistic and capable of withstanding the most detailed level of scrutiny.

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