Market positioning and repositioning: How to set the stage for financial success

Changing market factors, including outside economic forces, shifts in demand patterns and changing competitive pressures, can all influence a property’s success and constantly force an owner to reevaluate an asset’s position. A sound positioning or repositioning strategy is an effective way to optimize an investment’s future financial returns.

How PwC can help you

Industry specialists within PwC's Hospitality & Leisure practice possess extensive experience in successful product positioning. Knowledge of the latest in competitive product offerings and effective branding strategies are vital to create a successful positioning or repositioning strategy. Our specialists possess that knowledge, as well as the skills to formulate a creative vision for a market-based, property-specific plan.

Our team employs proven methods to analyze and quantify potential financial benefits to the owner. We not only suggest a plan to position or reposition a property, but take the next step to help the owner understand how to implement the strategy.

PwC Hospitality & Leisure professionals can help you to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of a property’s operations and evaluate if physical changes to the asset, through prudent capital deployment, or changes to the property’s service offerings could help to improve profits.
  • Assess how to deploy limited capital when repositioning an asset to drive financial returns to the owner.
  • Assist in the development of a comprehensive marketing plan for a property that delivers results on the targeted strategy envisioned with a repositioning strategy that has been implemented.

Successful repositioning can extend an asset’s useful life, thereby increasing its owner’s financial return potential. PwC Hospitality & Leisure specialists perform thorough analyses to identify repositioning opportunities and follow through to enable actions that produce results.

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