Hotels and other lodging businesses are among the most complex types of investments. We believe whether you are placing debt, investing equity or entering into a franchise or management relationship, understanding the underlying dynamics of supply, demand and pricing is critical to making informed decisions and affects the success of investors, lenders, operators and hotel companies.

To help meet these and other challenges, PwC Hospitality & Leisure specialists provide industry services to offer you the tools to make profitable, educated decisions.

How PwC can help you

Our network of PwC Hospitality & Leisure specialists is committed to analyzing your specific market(s). This analysis of market conditions in which a hotel will operate includes an evaluation of current and future competitive supply, including brand representation, demand trends, market positioning, management effectiveness, unique characteristics of demand generators and external factors such as macro- and micro-economic events that affect a lodging market.

Our lodging services include:

  • Site analysis and selection
  • Market research
  • Supply analysis
  • Future supply
  • Demand analysis
  • Brand and operator selection assistance
  • Facility programming
  • Pricing strategy
  • Financial analysis

Improving return on investment

Whether buying, selling, financing, refinancing, repositioning, renovating or holding a lodging asset, PwC Hospitality & Leisure specialists possess the in-depth experience you need to help make strategic business decisions.

Our clients include owners, hotel companies, independent management companies, rating agencies, lenders and public and private investors. Institutions that hold direct investments or stock often look to the professionals at PwC for our research and industry insight to help address their immediate, medium and long-term plans.

What sets PwC apart is our ability to help you optimize your return on investment by providing comprehensive research of past and likely future industry trends, then analyzing supply issues and effects that will impact your bottom line.

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