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Virtual Business Office services for healthcare

Flexible solutions for revenue cycle management

The Virtual Business Office acts as an extension of your own business office, working directly through your patient accounting system, helping you to manage your revenue cycle more effectively.

Using virtual private network technologies that work within your own patient accounting system, we work in real-time, leaving a record of our actions so your system remains the system of record for compliance purposes. Leveraging automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, we increase efficiencies by applying natural language processing techniques that are designed to optimize status code assignment and automate repetitive, time-consuming activities.

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Healthcare workflow and quality control software

Resolution Queue™ is our proprietary workflow software that queues accounts to staff based on workstreams assigned by supervisors and tracks employee productivity. Its algorithms ensure workable inventory is actively refreshed and reconciled as it controls and distributes worklists, providing flexibility to track, categorize, prioritize, and report on the status of accounts in real-time, on demand.
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Instilling Quality monitors the quality of our work, signaling where additional support may be necessary, and helps us maintain a high quality of work through effective communication with our clients. It’s a methodology coupled with an intuitive technology designed to objectively select and quantify the accuracy and completeness of staff follow-up actions on accounts.
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"PwC's Virtual Business Office leverages automation, AI, and ML to augment client back-office patient accounting systems and RCM processes with virtual service. Solutions like Resolution Queue help queue accounts via algorithms that drive better real-time insight, while the Instilling Quality solution monitors work quality and automates flagging for added support."

IDC Research, Next-Generation Revenue Cycle

Engaging the Virtual Business Office team

VBO sample client process

The Virtual Business Office team can be operational in as little as two weeks. Contact us to learn more.

Virtual services that build real efficiencies for your organization

Because we work real-time in your patient accounting system, our Virtual Business Office can help you by: 

  • Augmenting your existing workforce to increase cash flow to meet month-end/year-end goals 

  • Assisting your staff with increases in volume, special projects, and accounts receivable campaigns

  • Maintaining work queues for employees out on sick leave, vacation, holidays, leave of absence, and fill gaps due to attrition and turnover

  • Answering customer service lines and performing other customer service-related duties 

  • Performing insurance verification or pre-registration services

  • Providing access to the experienced healthcare and data analytics professionals of PwC


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