Top health industry issues of Mexico: A whole-society approach to healthcare


For decades, the Mexican healthcare systems has relied on government initiatives to spark change. Now it is opening up to consumer and private industry influence. Collaborations between public and private organizations may be the key to solving some of the system’s greatest challenges: universal health coverage, chronic disease management, affordability and value-based care. PwC Health Research Institute’s report highlights the forces that are expected to have the most impact on the healthcare industry in the coming year.

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The need for more open collaboration and coordination is at the core of the Mexican health industry’s top challenges. Critical health policy decisions will be made as Mexico approaches its 2018 federal elections, meaning the time is ripe for change.

Financial sustainability of universal health coverage

1. Challenges for universal financial protection

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Mexico's greatest health challenges

2. Nutrition policy: A great opportunity for population health

3. Responding to the diabetes emergency

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Efficiency: more health for the money

4. New care models move into the community

5. Improving hospital efficiency through portability and integration

6. Putting a price on positive outcomes

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Systems innovation for pharma

7. Risk-sharing coming to drug prices

8. The drug distribution and dispensing conundrum

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Reaping benefits from information technology and analytics

9. From digital medical records to apps: Healthcare industry catching up to tidal wave of emerging tech

10. New databases can improve patient care and consumer health

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Responding to the diabetes emergency

In Mexico, diabetes has been declared a national epidemiological emergency. New care strategies, technological investments and cross-organization collaboration may start to curb the epidemic. These efforts look to improve chronic disease prevention in addition to disease treatment.

Improving hospital efficiency through portability and integration

Mexican consumers have less access to inpatient hospital treatments compared to other countries. Inefficiency is tied to centralization, and bureaucracy is hampering an effective response. Consumers want to be able to go to any hospital, regardless of insurance affiliation. New collaborations are seeking to address capacity imbalances and reduce inefficiency.

The drug distribution and dispensing conundrum

Integration between public and private entities as well as investments in the entire value chain offer hope to alleviate critical drug shortages in Mexico. Shortages can result in poor healthcare delivery and missed treatments, as an HRI survey found that the perception of the quality of medicines prescribed influences health service utilization.

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