Third party drug assessors: Influential new voices in the value debate

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Five independent groups have developed frameworks to assess the value of prescription drugs. The assessment results are filtering into business and clinical practices in the New Health Economy. Third party not-for-profit organizations promising independent, scientific and transparent drug value assessments are the newest voice in a national debate about drug prices. Insurers, pharmacy benefits managers and health systems are beginning to use these value assessments for structuring drug benefits and negotiating prices. Many drug manufacturers, however, are challenging what they consider a flawed methodology for product assessment and have recommended changes to the assessment frameworks.

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What this means for your business

  • Provide input on value assessment methodologies. Communicating with these groups to suggest additional value considerations, may lead to improved assessment methodologies.
  • Adopt value metrics during drug development. In an environment dominated by pricing discussions, companies that can build new value metrics and data capture into clinical trial protocols may improve their assessment scores and differentiate their products.
  • Use third party assessment to inform global regulatory submissions. Understanding how additional product data and information can augment quantitative value assessment metrics used by third party assessment groups and help achieve better price and reimbursement rates.
  • Build robust capabilities to capture outcomes data beyond the clinic. Capturing and managing outcomes data in the real world can strengthen clinical trial results by layering on additional evidence in support of products.


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