PwC’s Health Industries podcast: Exploring the top health industry issues of 2020

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February 18, 2020

Listen in as Kelly Barnes and Ben Isgur discuss key takeaways from PwC Health Research Institute’s latest report: Top health industry issues of 2020: Will digital start to show an ROI? 


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In 2020, US healthcare, and especially how it is delivered and how much we pay for it, will be top of mind. Politicians will float many bold plans for transforming the industry. Health system leaders will tout their investments in technology and transformation, as the US health industry works to catch up to the rest of the digital economy. The question for 2020 will be whether this digital transformation will benefit consumers—marking a new dawn for the US health industry and for the people whose lives depend on it.

This podcast explores the forces expected to most powerfully affect the health industry in 2020 as well as critical opportunities and obstacles for health organizations.

Topics include:

  • 1:52 ⁠— A looming tsunami of high prices (and learn more about this top issue here)
  • 3:44 ⁠— Regulation trumps policy (learn more about this top issue here)
  • 5:28 ⁠— Consumers inch closer to DIY healthcare (learn more about this top issue here)
  • 6:57 ⁠— Deals as makeovers (learn more about this top issue here)
  • 9:20 ⁠— Equity and inclusion, not just diversity, as a business imperative (learn more about this top issue here)
  • 11:50 ⁠— US health organizations are seeking opportunities overseas and through innovation⁠—beware of the tax risks (learn more about this top issue here)
  • 13:33 ⁠— How will 2020 be different than last year?

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