2018 Digital Health Services IQ Survey: The no excuses way to win in a digital world

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PwC’s 11th Anniversary Digital IQ Survey: For Health Industries, the definition of “digital” differs across subsectors, pointing to uneven progress in digital transformation. While some say digital is synonymous with IT, others have advanced enough to see digital as more than a technology, but a mindset.

Health organizations have a diverse set of views on what digital means for them

Digital has come to mean having an organizational mindset that embraces constant innovation, flat decision making, and the integration of technology into all phases of business.

However, organizations are not aligned on the definition and purpose of digital, this results in incoherent digital initiatives and governance.

Each digital transformation is unique

There is no one size fits all model of a digitally-enabled company. The path to success is informed by a company’s unique circumstances and Digital IQ. As such, survey respondents have varying goals for digital transformation. The largest percentage of health service organizations expect to gain most from digital investments which will create better customer experiences.

Business leaders have an opportunity to bring their digital aspirations to the forefront of corporate strategy to achieve their desired outcomes…

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