Where is the US health industry heading in the next 10 years?

Surviving seismic change: Winning a piece of the $5 trillion US health ecosystem

What forces are reshaping the industry, and how fast are they moving? How will health organizations, new and established, likely be impacted? How has care changed – or not changed – for American health consumers?

PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI) explores these questions in its new report, Surviving seismic change: Winning a piece of the $5 trillion US health ecosystem. HRI’s report lays out a vision for the US New Health Economy over the next 10 years, with likely gains and losses for the industry, and a look at implications for players old and new. The institute’s findings are based on data analysis, a retrospective examination of 10 years of consumer survey data and interviews with industry executives.

Case study: Motivate, the accidental wellness company

What does it mean to be a wellness company in the emerging US health ecosystem?

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Consumers are open to new ways of engaging with the health system

Telemedicine – reducing insurance cost

  • 45% of consumers would be interested in receiving telemedicine services if it could potentially reduce their cost
  • Telemedicine was tied for the lowest interest among the options presented for reducing insurance costs

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Types of insurers

  • Consumers were nearly three times as likely to consider buying insurance from an established insurance company than from a start-up built on new technology
  • New health plan entrants have a steep road ahead in winning new customers

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Reading customer reviews

  • 24% of respondents have read customer reviews of healthcare companies in Consumer Reports
  • The majority of respondents 55% have never read customer reviews of healthcare

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