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Enabling collaboration. Powering healthier lives.


Creating sustainable, collaborative ecosystems requires more than just a trusted platform to exchange information. PwC serves as a neutral third party to alleviate the contractual and operational barriers while integrating new and existing data and systems.

Our team of experienced professionals provide strategic consulting and ongoing managed services—including facilitating access to data, seamless operations among ecosystem participants, and transparency of health outcomes.

Analytics & Informatics Services

Data Office

Providing concierge services from a team of PwC technologists and clinicians who assist researchers with complex queries to support insight generation.

Data Governance

Managing data flow and access by exercising comprehensive data sharing contracts, controls, usage tracking and monitoring.

Natural Language Processing

Converting unstructured, uncatalogued data into meaningful insights through Natural Language Processing.

Data Enrichment

Improving the fitness of data for analytical purposes by leveraging clinical and research expertise to enrich data and generate insights.

Data Quality Management

Applying a preconfigured set of rules to assess the effectiveness and quality of data, alert data operators of any issues and trigger corrective actions.

Ad Hoc Analytics

A sandbox environment enabling data scientists to mine and validate data quickly to avoid catastrophic failures of bad data flowing into user tools and analytics.

Data Science Incubation

Fostering data-focused, organization-wide skills including cyber security, privacy, cloud and informatics to support the platform and program objectives.

Network Collaboration Services

Shared Services

Continuous monitoring to proactively identify vulnerabilities; triage and resolve tech and operating issues.

Ecosystem Operations & Governance

Enabling data fluidity, seamless operations, and workflow interoperability by defining roles and responsibilities and establishing agreed-upon data use and sharing terms.

Contract Estate

Leveraging PwC’s contract expertise to define network participation, data use and sharing, and data transfer agreements among ecosystem stakeholders.

Value Capture

Securing program sustainability through mutually beneficial shared savings and shared risk incentives. Tracking and measuring outcomes to drive program transparency.

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Mark Mynhier

Mark Mynhier

Principal and General Manager, PwC US

Robert Fassett

Robert Fassett

Clinical Informatics & Data Strategy Lead, PwC US

Kelechi Nwoku

Kelechi Nwoku

Clinical Informatics Lead, PwC US

Praveen Krishna

Praveen Krishna

Ecosystem Operations & Information Security Lead, PwC US

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