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PwC’s DoubleJump Interchange™

Enabling collaboration. Powering healthier lives.

Global industry trends—including ageing populations, increasing rates of chronic disease, rising healthcare costs, and a rise in consumer demands—are increasing the pressure on our clients across the health industries to collaborate.

PwC developed the DoubleJump InterchangeTM to connect consumers with a broader healthcare team and equip them with the right information to lead healthier lives.

We place the consumer in the center of the Interchange—supported by health systems, cancer centers, retail, community programs, and pharmaceutical companies who share information to develop precision therapies and to deliver personalized care.

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Market Offerings

Consumer Health Transformation

Consumers and their expanded care teams are equipped with a broad set of health data—from hospitals, clinics, community healthcare extenders, retail screening sites, and remote monitoring devices—to enable personalized, socially reinforced, real-time disease prevention and care management

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R&D Acceleration

Researchers gain access to comprehensive clinical, molecular, and real world data to identify novel disease targets and biomarkers of likely treatment responders; and to improve the flexibility and efficiency of identifying potential signals of clinical benefit of treatments under investigation

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Mark Mynhier

Mark Mynhier

Principal and General Manager, PwC US

Robert Fassett

Robert Fassett

Clinical Informatics & Data Strategy Lead, PwC US

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Dhiraj Pathak

Architect & Technology Lead, PwC US

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Moriah Nell

Business Development & Strategic Partnerships Lead, PwC US

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