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BodylogicalⓇ gives more power to consumers to do more with their health

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Too often, the effectiveness of fitness trackers drops off because there’s not enough insight and personal value in the information being collected, and; people often stick to doctor’s orders for a short amount of time and then slide back into their usual habits, often causing chronic conditions to worsen. 

How can we make managing health sticky? By putting the strength of Bodylogical’s prescriptive analytics directly into the hands of the individual health consumer. 

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Halt the progression of illness

Right now there’s no place a person can turn to get individualized answers about what his or her body requires to successfully alter the course of chronic conditions. For the first time, using Bodylogical, we can identify the unique requirements of each of our bodies in preventing and managing chronic conditions. Bodylogical makes it possible to pull the future closer to the present and identify outcomes and ROI before investing.

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Increase the success rate of new therapies

The predictive power of Bodylogical not only helps pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations increase the success rate for new therapies, it also helps shrink costs and accelerate timelines.

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Precision accelerates health

Every individual body responds differently to the many inter-related factors that can lead to chronic conditions or better health. Bodylogical makes it possible to simulate the unique requirements of our individual bodies when one or a confluence of multiple factors work together to affect our health.

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A 'digital twin' that models the human body and uses data to predict the health of 'future you'

Bodylogical will have major implications for the entire healthcare system - pharma, payers, providers and patients, and this study shows that it works. 

For pharmaceutical companies, it creates possibilities for faster, better targeted, and less expensive clinical trials, accelerating drugs to market and ultimately improving healthcare outcomes.

Payers and providers can use Bodylogical to see the future at an individual level guiding treatment of patients, and to better manage chronic diseases across patient populations.

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Results from PwC’s BodylogicalⓇ tool have been validated by a leading peer-reviewed scientific journal.


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