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Introducing the Consumer Experience Platform from PwC’s DoubleJump Health™

Consumers’ expectations are shaped by their experiences outside the health industries, where they have easy access to emerging technologies that make their lives easier and more convenient.

The health industries stand out as a significantly different world, where engaging with services and providers is frustratingly out of sync with the broader consumer experience. A marriage between data analytics and patient-centric technology is key to keeping up with consumer expectations and making significant shifts in health outcomes.

The Consumer Experience Platform from PwC’s DoubleJump Health™ is a consumer-centric experience platform aimed at engaging health consumers in a leading-edge healthcare experience. Developed through PwC’s work with healthcare clients, the DoubleJump Health™ Consumer Experience Platform completely re-imagines the consumer healthcare experience via a compelling and easy-to-use interface that integrates multiple health services, tasks, and benefits. It provides assistance, stores information, and provides a rewarding experience for a healthier lifestyle. For health organizations, this high-engagement tool provides deep consumer data and analytics that are necessary to improve both health outcomes and the economics of healthcare. 

“Better health outcomes will come from tools that give consumers a more unified healthcare experience that is built around them and makes it easier for them to take charge of their health.”

Jamie Gunsior, Principal PwC Digital Health

The predictive power of Bodylogical™ from DoubleJump Health™ not only helps pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations increase the success rate for new therapies, it also helps shrink costs and accelerate timelines.

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