PwC’s 180° Health Forum

At PwC’s 180° Health Forum, leaders from the health industries and beyond challenge the conventional wisdom around health industry transformation. Thought-provoking speakers, thought leaders and senior executives from inside and outside the health arena share their insights on accelerating innovation and delivering organizational disruption.

Accelerating velocity

Today, the health industry is at a critical juncture as we strive to create a healthier future. Rapid advances in technology, innovations for personalizing the consumer experience, increased investments and new partnerships are driving disruption in the health industry.
Organizations, large and small, need to uncover new value and take on industry obstacles by accelerating the velocity of their innovations or they risk being left behind. As new ideas and the status quo collide, how can providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies and new entrants learn from the past while embracing the future?


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See what our clients are saying

"I started the day with one set of assumptions and finished with something else entirely. The event has made me think about my organization's role and opportunities in a whole different way.“

 “I learned a tremendous amount on many levels and was beyond impressed with the execution from branding, to diversity of topics, the format, little memorable touches – truly a stimulating right and left brain holistic experience.”

“I am truly appreciative to have had to the opportunity to attend as it was a thought provoking and inspirational experience.”

“There are many days that one can’t remember exactly what happened – but this event now reserves a forever memorable special spot that is a seed for other growth to occur.”
"Single best day and use of time for an event."

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