Mending the Gender Gap: Advancing Tomorrow's Women Leaders in Financial Services

June 2013


Despite making up more than half the workforce in financial institutions, women continue to dramatically lag behind their male counterparts in leadership roles. The lack of women leaders is grabbing the global spotlight. That’s because it’s far more than a social issue — it’s a problem with financial, legislative, risk management, and talent retention implications.

Successful financial institutions know that sustaining a distinctive and diverse leadership culture is critical to thriving in the marketplace. PwC has developed a strategy for financial institutions to create and retain a strong pipeline of female talent. This strategy, which is embedded as part of an overall talent strategy, includes a framework that helps companies advance the women in leadership agenda and can pay off with both short- and long-term benefits.


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Mending the gender gap: Advancing tomorrow's women leaders in financial services
PwC's Ruth Philpott, Dan Ryan, Ellen Walsh, and Christine Goldberg discuss talent approaches that financial services companies can take to expand their pipeline of women leaders and help close the gender gap.

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