Customer service analysis to support improved customer experience strategy

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A payment network develops a retention strategy and plan to decrease merchant churn, starting with their most valuable merchants.

Client's challenge

PwC analyzed the client’s customer service unit to figure out why the payment network has been losing millions in revenue due to merchant attrition and declines. The client was losing $200M+ in revenue because of churners (i.e. merchants who stopped using the payment network) and decliners (i.e. merchants who was receiving declines from our client for more than 30% of their transactions)

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PwC's solution

  • Conducted an analysis leveraging merchant profiling, call monitoring, merchant survey, and agent focus groups to identify key drivers of churn

  • Performed profiling to identify unique experiences that correspond with churn. For example, the team found that 55% of customers were leaving due to the poor risk management experience provided by the client

  • Analyzed call drivers to help to inform root causes of friction related to churn and found that 70% of all customer service calls were related to existing limitations or restrictions placed on the merchant account.

  • Laid out analyses on an experience map to help the client identity and prioritize adjustments in customer actions to drive down the churn rate.

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Impact on client’s business

The client was able to improve merchant retention by 10% through implementation of customer experience and process improvements.

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How PwC can help your business

PwC’s financial services data analytics practice is comprised of more than 200 professionals offering a full range of advisory solutions across: financial risk modeling, risk analytics, customer analytics, data analytics strategy and organization, and data analytics technology. 

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