The 3 things you need to know about...The Future of the US High-Skilled Visa Program and Considerations for Workforce Strategy

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Key insights from the report include:

  • The high-skilled H-1B visa program for workers in the United States faces uncertainty due to executive branch plans to reform the program as well as congressional and industry debate about the best way forward. 
  • ​Restructuring the visa program is likely to impact the way that companies attract and retain high-skilled international talent.

  • ​Companies in the technology sector that supplement tech and IT staffs with foreign skilled workers should plan for reform by reassessing workforce strategies.

About PwC’s 3Things publication series:

The objective of our 3things series is to highlight three key takeaways from evolving risk and regulatory issues impacting the Technology, Media and ​Telecommunications sectors. Companies in these rapidly evolving industries face increasing market and competitive risks, as well as other internal and financial risks from the challenges of managing their complex - and often global - businesses.​ ​

They are also facing an uncertain regulatory environment, as regulators across the globe grapple with how to effectively implement their policy objectives in an era of unprecedented technological change. As these risk and regulatory issues emerge, we will publish future 3things which aims to provide a timely, concise and practical analyses of the issue.

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