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Why Autonomous Maintenance should be part of your maintenance strategy

As the lower for longer theme continues to play out in today’s global energy market, Operators throughout the value chain are refining their maintenance strategies. The goals of this effort are to better manage short and long term costs associated with equipment breakdowns and process interruptions, and to maximize profitable production by reducing unplanned downtime.

Why Autonomous Maintenance should be part of your maintenance strategy
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Defining Autonomous Maintenance

Create and maintain optimal equipment conditions: AM establishes and maintains an orderly production area and optimal equipment conditions, where any departure from normal operating parameters are easily detected at a glance, resulting in the proactive identification of issues prior to failure.

Putting Autonomous Maintenance into practice

While the idea of implementing an Autonomous Maintenance program can have broad appeal, operators may be quickly overwhelmed by the new responsibilities. This is especially true in mature assets where maintenance has shifted to a reactive model and increased scrutiny is required to prevent failure.

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