Consumer Markets Insights - September 2020

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Sep 23, 2020

Consumer markets hot topics 

Consumer Markets Insights is a quarterly summary for the consumer markets sector. It provides an overview of emerging economic, accounting, reporting and regulatory matters relevant to the sector. This edition includes the following hot topics:

Inside this edition:

  • Strategy for business

    • M&A activity 

    • Future of work 

    • Tap into tax: Consumer Markets – Reconsidering supply chain strategies 

    • Global consumer markets insights survey 

    • Emerge stronger 

  • Accounting and financial reporting hot topics 

    • Goodwill impairment – What are potential tax implications? 

    • Accounting reminders on loyalty programs under ASC 606

    • New guidance for cloud computing implementation costs is now effective – What arrangements are impacted? 

    • Franchisor accounting: Latest revenue considerations for initial franchise fees

    • Contemplating subleasing your space? Here are a few accounting considerations to keep in mind. 

  • Regulatory update 

    • SEC amends disclosure rules for acquired and disposed businesses 

    • SEC adopts amendments to modernize certain disclosures 

    • Comment letter trends 



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