Intelligent automation in capital markets operations

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Automation and cost savings

While most other fast cost-savings avenues have been closing down, capital markets firms have continued to commit to “lightweight” technology tools like robotic process automation (RPA) and, increasingly, intelligent automation (IA). 

Here’s why. Particularly in operations functions, capital markets firms have repetitive but subtle work that they have to do. At some point, blockchain, or a wholesale digital transformation, will take away the need for these functions. For now, though, certain business processes represent costs that aren’t tied to activities that differentiate the firm. As automation tools continue to get smarter, they can now handle many subtleties that previously required human judgment.


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Intelligent Automation in capital markets operations

Intelligent Automation (IA) is revolutionizing capital markets operations. PwC has proven experience bringing custom IA solutions to clients in the industry and can help your firm accelerate its IA journey.

Where process automation may help

Process automation tools can provide significant value by sharply lowering the cost of many legacy operations functions until a firm is able to move ahead with broader change. Across operations, we see the following themes emerging as areas where process automation tools can provide the most value:

  • Activities that are time-sensitive in nature such as margin calls and settlements
  • Areas that perform reconciliation between internal systems or with external markets
  • Process automation for operational challenges and opportunities
  • Metrics/reports that are repetitive but not automatically generated
  • Data collection from multiple sources such as systems, PDFs, and emails
  • Data input based on a set of decisions such as email communications with clients

Although there is opportunity across all operations areas, we think some functions—particularly trade support, reconciliation, settlement, internal reporting, and collateral and margin—are likely to benefit from process automation tools, as shown below.

How PwC can help

PwC has developed a comprehensive framework to assist our clients with automation programs. We start the analysis by visualizing and exploring operational processes at detailed level. We then deep dive into opportunity areas, evaluate potential process automation and efficiency levers, calculate costs and benefits, and narrow down to a few candidates to perform pilots. Last but not least, we help set up governance to assist program roll-out and ensure the success in deployment of technology and processes.

For more information on how PwC can help with intelligent automation, reach out to one of our leaders below or explore our automation services.

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