Digital robots and the future of auto lending: Achieving process improvements through automation

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Robotic process automation (RPA) presents opportunities for auto lenders of all sizes

The auto lending industry is ripe for transformation and over the last few years its leaders have been on the lookout for the best and most innovative ways to boost efficiency and improve customer experience. RPA is an innovative tool that can drive significant operational improvement at a much lower cost and with less complexity than previously experienced.

In an industry made up of fairly similar products, it is the lender’s speed to decision and quality of service that are the real differentiators. Unlike many other software solutions, RPA can provide meaningful and immediate benefits and can be applied to nearly every aspect of the operation. While it’s often thought of as a solution to automate mundane back-office tasks, RPA offers a wide range of applications that can drive operational efficiencies and facilitate an improved customer, and dealer, experience throughout the business.

RPA opportunities within auto lending operations

RPA has many potential applications throughout the auto lending life cycle, as some of the examples illustrated below show.

Robotic process automation applications to auto lending

How PwC can help

Our Consumer Finance Group includes a team of professionals focused on auto lending. We are at the forefront of the industry, working with clients to deliver process automation solutions in areas such as loan production, pricing, collections and servicing, data analytics, risk management, and accounting.

We can leverage our deep industry expertise to assist in the development of RPA solutions customized for operations specific to auto originations and servicing. We have unparalleled experience in business and customer experience strategy, operational process optimization, regulatory readiness and remediation, risk management and analytics, systems and technology, and operating models and strategies.

For more information on how PwC can help you drive the implementation of RPA in your operational processes, reach out to one of our leaders below or explore our auto finance services.

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