Getting a bang for your digital buck: how to deliver a positive ROI on your investments in digital lending

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Just ‘going digital’ is no longer a differentiator

Many consumer lenders have made significant investments in technology and digital transformation initiatives – both internally and externally, yet few have managed to develop a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage from these investments.

Lenders should take a longer-term view towards digital innovation to maximize their return on investment. By developing the right capabilities to support digital transformation, lenders can bring innovation to market in a repeatable, programmatic fashion.

Return on investment in digital lending
Digital lending strategic framework

A strategic framework for digital lending

Before you design your digital lending transformation, you must define your organizational objectives, or what you want to achieve through the transformation: 

  • Customer Experience – how do you want to interact with customers?
  • Operational Efficiency – how do you want your business to function?

Next, build your digital lending strategy around the following organizational competencies to facilitate an agile and sustainable transformation that is focused on the demands of today’s consumer and one that is scalable to meet changing digital standards. 

  • User-centric design
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Flexible infrastructure
  • Effective development approach
  • Organizational agility

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