Auto finance is going digital: are you ready?

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Where are you on the road to digital transformation?

What will be the future of auto finance? What is preventing dealers from going digital? Why should lenders help dealers to go digital? 

Partnering with Cox Automotive, PwC surveyed 300 Cox Automotive dealer clients to get their current perceptions about the challenges and opportunities associated with digital auto finance.


Milestones to auto finance digital transformation

Dealers and lenders undergoing a digital transformation will undergo several milestones before and after the solution itself is implemented in order to ensure the success of their efforts.

  1. Change management and sustainability initiatives.
  2. Implement the digital solution. 
  3. Develop a blueprint for new capabilities including organization structure, processes, systems, and culture.
  4. Assess critical capabilities and improvement opportunities.

How PwC can help

The pace of change continues to accelerate in the auto finance industry. Oversight from regulators, emerging risks, market share shifts and advancements in technology all indicate a continuation of this trend for the foreseeable future.

Learn more about our auto finance services and how our team routinely addresses client challenges with innovative solutions.


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