Customer Experience

Consumer finance organizations are undergoing tremendous change. A product-focused strategy alone is no longer effective. Instead, today’s companies must center their focus on the customer. Understanding the customer’s language is essential to having a successful customer-centric strategy and becoming a world-class listener that can discover customer insights and know how to turn those insights into action.

The growing regulatory scrutiny focused on customer dissatisfaction adds to the pressures facing consumer finance organizations. Customers have more outlets to channel advocacy or dissatisfaction with their experience. Risk, compliance, and operations leaders across the organization are under pressure to understand and respond to the array of emerging regulations developed to create more focus on the customer.

PwC can assist clients in creating a customer centric organization, improving the customer experience and complying with regulatory requirements. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Operating model design and governance
  • Voice of the Customer strategy development
  • Customer segmentation
  • Program metrics, performance scorecards and management dashboard development
  • Complaint management maturity assessment
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Service delivery process efficiency reviews and optimization
  • Customer experience strategic assessments
  • Persona development
  • Lost customer root cause analysis
  • Net Promoter Score improvement
  • Customer lifetime value analysis
  • Servicing transfers roadmap
  • Pricing strategy and management
  • Brand effectiveness
  • Social media monitoring

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