Aviation's second golden age


How will the US commercial aviation industry compete—and collaborate—with emerging players growing markets like Asia Pacific?


What will tomorrow’s smarter, cleaner aircraft look like? And who will lead the technology race to create it?


The industry is feeling a talent crunch. But efforts are afoot to enlist a new generation—and new kinds of—aviation workers

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A PwC analysis looks at fertile spots for commercial aircraft manufacturing in the US

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Aviation’s second golden age: Can the US aircraft industry maintain leadership?


The commercial aircraft industry is booming—but can the US stay on top?

The US commercial aircraft industry’s stocktaking of its long-term competitiveness comes at a time of revived interest in strengthening the nation’s industrial sector. Critical to achieving this is building a coordinated front among the private sector, educational institutions and government to re-tool an industrial workforce with the skills and technologies to compete and innovate globally. The need for such collaboration becomes more urgent as the US commercial aircraft industry faces competition from countries with ambitious and aggressive industrial policies already swiftly afoot.

Looming questions:

  • What more can the commercial aircraft industry do to collaborate with the public sector and educational institutions to nurture needed talent?
  • How can US companies remain at the vanguard of innovation—and concurrently meet demanding production rates?
  • What are US companies doing to maintain leadership as foreign commercial aviation programs mature?
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