PwC Book: Strategic IT Portfolio Management

Strategic IT Portfolio Management delivers a solution to the IT dilemma that has evolved over the past 40 years – namely, how do organizations get the most value from their investment? This book explores and identifies the knowledge, techniques, and strategies needed to maximize technology investments and achieve long-term business transformation for all types of organizations.

Written for executives from all disciplines, the book highlights many of the root causes of the IT value dilemma and explains how executives can prevent and counter these issues by better managing their organization and the way the organization makes investment decisions. Readers will learn the portfolio management method essential to achieving value from IT assets. The book provides executives with the tools to:

  • Understand and improve existing practices
  • Design a governance structure with appropriate decision rights
  • Facilitate centralized control with decentralized execution
  • Increase collaboration between business-unit and IT leadership
  • Instill a culture of continuous improvement and innovation

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Meet Jeffrey Kaplan, author of Strategic IT Portfolio Management

Jeff is a thought leader in technology and innovation excellence (capability needs assessment, technology strategy, planning, roadmapping, segmentation, investment portfolio management, governance, lifecycle management, technology insertion and architecture).Jeff has over 20 years of technology management and consulting experience with senior executives helping them achieve improvements in technology leadership. He has advised on organizational effectiveness and assisted with implementation strategy and change management and provided management and leadership mentoring. He has worked in the Banking, Chemical, Computer Equipment, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Government, Insurance, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, and Telecommunications industries.

He is currently a PwC Principal, and serves on the Advisory IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Leadership Team.

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