Data loss prevention

August 2008
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Data theft and data loss prevention (DLP): Keeping sensitive data out of the wrong hands

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PwC US advisory IT effectiveness security publication outlining data loss prevention (DLP) and how to protect your company from data theft.


In recent years, an increasing number of high-profile data security breaches have made headlines. These events can not only expose a business to costly and devastating legal ramifications, they also can severely denigrate a brand – sometimes to the point of disrepair.

Companies cannot afford to take this lack of data security lightly. Identity theft is rampant, accounting for approximately one-third of consumer complaints received by the Federal Trade Commission during each of the past three years. More than half (54%) of identity-theft-related data breaches can be attributed to theft or loss of a computer or electronic transportable media—a percentage unlikely to diminish.

With consumers and regulators demanding more control over sensitive data than ever, it is clear that whether you're a security leader or a business line executive—now is the time for you to start better protecting your company's customer data, core intellectual property, trade secrets, and regulated data.