PwC and HPE

Accelerating digital and IT transformation

From strategy through execution, PwC and HPE co-create global solutions that put your business and information technology transformation on the fast track.

Creating better business outcomes

In today’s increasingly digital global marketplace, long-term success depends on agility and innovation. Businesses often need to redefine business models on the fly or efficiently scale operations to meet fluctuating business demands. We’ll work with you to maximize technology to improve your enterprise business model operations, streamline your processes, and achieve a greater return on your IT investments.


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Creating innovative value for our clients

Transform how you win

From planning your digital strategy to executing its vision, we help you keep pace with today’s speed of business. PwC and HPE Alliance solutions for digital and technology transformation include:

  • High Velocity IT powered by DevOps
  • Data Center Transformation
  • Data Center Automation
  • Applications Strategy and Transformation
  • Workload Migration to the Cloud
  • Cloud Management and Governance
  • IT as a Service Implementation
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Protect your enterprise

We help protect your enterprise by monitoring and securing interactions between users, applications, and data across any device and location, and we advise on broader cybersecurity and privacy issues. PwC and HPE Alliance solutions include:

  • Secure Data
  • Secure Applications
  • Secure Cloud
  • Security Operations Center Rapid Response (SOC-in-a-box)
  • Cyber Fusion Center Transformation (intelligence-driven, pan-business integrated SOC)
  • DNS Malware Analytics and Real-Time Protection
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Expand your perspectives

Using analytics services and solutions, we help extract value from all of your data—spanning structured and unstructured data across human, machine and business data types. You’ll uncover real-time, actionable data-driven insights while identifying opportunities, risks and new business learning. PwC and HPE Alliance solutions that empower the data-driven organization include:

  • Big Data and Analytics Strategy, Design, Implementation and Evolution
  • Big Data and Analytics - Industry Specific (Healthcare, Financial Services, Technology, Retail, etc.)
  • Investigative Analytics for Improved Regulatory Compliance
  • Enterprise Big Data Platform for Real-Time Insights
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform Strategy, Design, Implementation and Evolution
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Fuel ongoing growth

We deliver experiences that make it possible for your customers and employees to engage digitally at any place, at any time and on any platform. What’s in it for you? Grow revenue, cut costs, enhance workplace productivity and dramatically improve interaction experiences. PwC and HPE Alliance solutions include:

  • Network Security (wireless and wired)
  • Remote Access Control
  • Customer Experience - Industry Specific (Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, etc.)
  • Real-time Location Services
  • Device Connectivity, Interoperability, Management and Tracking
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The PwC difference

From strategy through execution, PwC partners with HPE by taking a business-focused approach that brings together PwC’s business transformation, process, and organizational change capabilities and HPE’s best-in-class technology portfolio and expertise. We are uniquely positioned to help clients accelerate business and IT transformation because of the complementary synergies we each bring, as proven time and again over the years of our alliance. Together our harmonizing capabilities enable a full portfolio of solutions that help businesses accelerate digital, unlock data, secure assets, and grow competitive advantage.

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