Embracing emerging technologies

    “The technology landscape is evolving at an almost incomprehensible rate of change. Not all emerging technologies will alter the business landscape—but some do have the potential to disrupt the status quo, alter the way people live and work, and enable new levels of innovation.

    Where do companies start in exploring emerging technologies and how do they stay current? What technologies should companies invest in? How do companies reduce the associated risk of failure or costly mistakes? These are the conversations we are having with clients today."

    Daniel L. Eckert
    Managing Director, Emerging Technologies

    While many emerging technologies show great promise, there are many questions to be answered before companies make the decision to invest in them.

    PwC helps our clients answer these complex questions and get a plan in place, enabling them to differentiate themselves, remain competitive and improve their business by embracing emerging technologies. Through our Emerging Technology Services, we deliver integrated, end-to-end solutions from strategy and innovation through to execution to solve our clients’ most complex and pressing business challenges.

    PwC helps clients differentiate themselves, remain competitive and improve their business by:

    • Identifying and prioritizing emerging technologies that will be important to your business in the next few years
    • Breaking into new markets
    • Preparing to get the most out of your emerging technology investments

    PwC's Emerging Technology Capabilities

    PwC has the capabilities and experience to help enable organizations to obtain the agility to make decisions quickly and effectively, a culture of empowerment to fuel experimentation, and the trust and confidence to drive innovation.

    PwC helps organizations determine what technologies hold high promise, how the technology is different from the current state, and how those emerging technologies might stimulate innovation or be disruptive. We also assist on identifying what barriers exist to more broad business adoption as well as the risks of the new technology. We provide strategic and technological services across over 20 different industries and have thought leaders who drive how companies choose and deploy emerging technologies.

    PwC helps clients innovate around a specific business program or objective, and design and implement the organizational capabilities to either establish or strengthen their own ongoing innovation activities. We help prioritize emerging technologies, and bring to light what other companies inside and outside your organization are doing with them. With the support of our Emerging Technology Labs, PwC designs and executes demos and rapid prototypes to determine viability for further investment, quickly enabling our clients to build a business case for investing more deeply in the technologies that will truly make a difference.