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We help foreign-based companies investing into the US navigate the complexities of the US marketplace and guide them through the challenges and opportunities they face doing business.

How to manage your deals today in the USA as a global investor?

Deals are a great way to grow your business. The USA ranks among the top destinations for investment. So how do you make a deal in the USA given the current climate of changing policies and headlines?

Join our live discussion exploring the current environment, future outlook, and relevant factors to consider for your deals, including the Trump Administration, government agencies, such as CFIUS, existing policies, and potential legislation in the works.

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Making a deal? Top 3 considerations for global investors in the USA 

How PwC can help

PwC's US Inbound practice fully appreciates the unique challenges and opportunities facing companies investing into the United States. Our cross-disciplinary specialists from consulting, deals, assurance and tax are dedicated to providing strategic, operational and technical support to foreign-based multinational corporations (MNCs). Let us help you mitigate risk, meet regulatory compliance requirements and make more informed business decisions.


Doing business in the US

Doing business in the US

Business does not stop. While the United States is making headlines during these transformative times, global business leaders still rate the US as their most important market for overseas investment and growth. What are the opportunities and challenges in these uncertain times? Our guide shares PwC’s experience and timely insights about managing your US operations if you are a global business so that you have a broad understanding of the basic tax issues and implications of doing business in the United States.

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