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Your issue: Finding the right resources to help you with your evolving retirement benefits strategies.

Retirement plan sponsorship today entails more challenges and more opportunities than ever before. The stock market decline of recent years and the turmoil and uncertainty in the markets have negatively impacted defined contribution balances and significantly reduced pension assets for the majority of employers, creating an immediate need to address:

  • Pension risks
  • Cash constraints
  • Investment returns
  • Value for the money spent
  • Impact of delayed retirement for employees

In addition, the landscape of retirement benefits has changed, driven by:

  • New HR strategies
  • Enabling technologies
  • New laws and regulations
  • Demographics and volatility of retirement assets

New retirement plan designs have emerged and new funding mechanisms have been identified. Further, with a greater portion of employee retirement assets committed to defined contribution plans, issues of investment education and asset allocation are becoming more significant to providing a successful retirement program.

The way forward

PwC's global network of retirement benefits professionals can:

  • Deliver a range of retirement and pension services customized to your specific business needs and strategic objectives
  • Help you examine your pension plans and look for ways to stabilize cash contributions and pension expense and improve pension investment performance
  • Help you address the need to mitigate pension expense volatility and enhance investment performance by utilizing sophisticated asset allocation, hedging, and risk management strategies

Specific areas of assistance include:

  • Review and redesign of retirement programs
  • Review and redesign of non-qualified deferred compensation/supplemental executive retirement plans
  • Review of plan fiduciary issues and documentation, effective benefit plan governance, and retirement plan compliance
  • Pension asset management strategy consulting (including Asset/Liability Modeling)
  • Settlement of defined benefit obligations with insurance companies and defined benefit plan terminations
  • Retirement planning for Partners and Partnership like entities
  • Examination of early retirement windows and potential tax savings on severance costs
  • Disclosure of expenses charged to participant's accounts under defined contributions plans

Value to your company

By leveraging PwC's specialized retirement benefits resources, we can help you and your company design a retirement program that:

  • Embraces new HR strategies and enabling technologies
  • Complies with new laws and regulations
  • Effectively addresses issues related to an aging workforce

In addition, your company may achieve cash and expense saving opportunities and ways to more efficiently manage the costs associated with providing retirement and pension plans, including:

  • Reducing the impact on cash flows and expense and enhance tax benefits
  • Reducing volatility
  • Achieving greater control over employer costs
  • Reducing risks to employees
  • Better alignment of assets to liabilities
  • Understanding the cost-benefit impact of changes in features of pension and defined contribution plan design and funding
  • Aligning retirement programs with overall HR and business strategies and objectives

Please contact us to discuss how we can work together to achieve your retirement benefits program goals.

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