Trends in People Analytics - With excerpts from the 2015 PwC Saratoga Benchmarks

May 2015


This year's PwC Saratoga benchmark findings, which cover 435 US organizations across a variety of industries, reveal several real improvement opportunities leaders should examine related to their people.

As executives set the talent strategy for the future, people analytics are poised to inform those decisions in a major way —if HR is up to the challenge. Building out a people analytics function requires strategic thought to the long-term roadmap for data, technology, programs, and operating model—as well as the change management required for full adoption.

People Analytics Trends:

  1. Building a people analytics function
  2. Growing dissatisfaction with current approaches to data governance
  3. Building targets and benchmarks into analytic tools
  4. Taking predictions of flight risk to the next level

Keeping up with the trends in people analytics is critical for organizations to become more advanced, whether that’s building or refining a data governance approach, building comparison data into analytic tools, or taking action from predictive data. These are just a few of the foundational practices out there—with more emerging each day, people analytics will advance rapidly over the coming years.

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