HR Innovation - Winter 2014

March 2014

What is your organization doing to tackle current and future global HR risk and compliance issues?

The winter of 2014 seems destined to be characterized by a strange combination of major winter storms and a severe drought, depending on where you sit in the United States. Business leaders can be excused if this onslaught renders some familiar concerns about risk and uncertainty.


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As businesses still struggle toward recovery, regulatory and growth challenges are continually evolving, intense, and tightly wound. There is a prevailing sense of “only time will tell” sensibility. And yet, strategy, execution, and compliance decisions require action today.

Healthcare and related wellness issues remain front and center for the public, the media, and employers and employees alike. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to present myriad challenges in its complexity and numerous, overlapping stakeholders, some of which transcend the borders of the United States. We have identified some novel issues with regard to the Act’s implications for organizations and their global workers—issues that may have escaped notice amid the ACA’s massive domestic implications. Find out how you can protect your entity and valued workers from ACA missteps and costly penalties.

Similarly, some executives might be surprised to learn that their overseas retirement funds might be subject to The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). We’ll delve into the daunting realities, discuss how this may affect your operations, and give you some tips to prepare your organization to cope effectively.

Doing deals? In going after M&A value, do you risk alienating and losing key talent? We’ve found that’s a risk that many organizations fail to face up to. Talent retention issues can be avoided with some careful strategic pre-planning. We’ll highlight some practices that can seal in value as you seal the deal.

Finally, amid all this change in its many variations, we’ll show you ways to safeguard your integrity and enterprise by scrupulously applying the principles of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) across the HR function.

Explore these timely topics in the following articles of HR Innovation:

  • ACA ins and outs for employers and the global workforce
  • Are your non-US retirement funds under the FATCA microscope?
  • Is your M&A sending top talent into a tailspin?
  • Improve and streamline global performance: The power of governance, risk, and compliance to corral chaos

This issue of HR Innovation shares high-level insights into some of the most challenging risk and compliance issues facing leaders now, as well as action steps that can position your organization to weather the storm in 2014—and the years that follow.

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