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What do your employees really think? How do they really feel? Are they motivated to do their best work? Are you listening to what they are saying? We can get you meaningful answers.

PwC is a global leader in survey design, administration and analysis. We can tailor a program to fit your budget and your schedule without cutting corners. Our project managers draw upon leading practices and our library of questions to design surveys that work. We'll help you segment your employees into groups to deliver the meaningful insight into attitudes and behaviors. We offer a turnkey administration process, with a range of data collection options and real-time response tracking. Finally, we provide reporting and analysis that link engagement to business outcomes.

Go beyond asking questions. Focus on what the answers mean.

We design and deliver people surveys that measure each phase of the employee’s tenure. We help you determine the depth of your employee engagement, we identify opportunities to reduce attrition with our exit surveys, and we gauge the true effectiveness of onboarding programs. We can help assess the effectiveness of your reward and recognition programs. We offer standard and customized multi-rater/360 degree feedback. We can even design and deliver specialized programs to measure your company’s culture or your customers' satisfaction levels. Every survey program we offer has one goal in common: giving you results that let you take action on items that will improve your business.

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