Safety analytics

What will it take to make your workplace safer?

Safety Analytics can clearly affect people's lives. For decades, companies have used Six Sigma and other statistical tools in an effort to improve quality and performance in the workplace. As a result, most companies are safer places for their workers than ever before. But some injuries persist with potentially serious medical and financial implications for workers, customers and employers. Is there a way that safety prevention investments can be targeted against activities with the highest value, clearly demonstrating the ROI on each program? PwC's Talent Analytics and Predictive Services can help.

What if you could get a clear understanding of where accidents and injuries are likely to occur?

Most organizations we know take safety seriously, by providing and encouraging a safe working environment, and by incorporating safety concepts into health and wellness initiatives. These initiatives can help improve recruitment, retention, productivity, and risk management. But how do you know what safety activities to promote? Safety Analytics can provide that insight.

Wouldn’t it be great to know where the next accident was going to occur and prevent it?

Safety Analytics is the science of studying the underlying causes of workplace accidents. It provides the framework to assess, measure, monitor, and, direct employee health and safety policies across all layers of your operations. First we look for the hidden correlations in data that you already have in your systems. Then we create, test and refine hypotheses to predict where problems are most likely to occur. Finally, we present the information in a simple, visual format that allows you to take concrete action on the results.

Armed with fact-based guidance on your risks, you have the ability to prevent lost time and lost productivity. And of course, by lowering the frequency and severity of workplace accidents, Safety Analytics can strengthen cost containment, profitability, and wellness strategies. It can be a key component of your organization's sustainability plan, boosting worker commitment and improving the compliance profile.

Our Safety Analytics services are part of a bigger picture.

Our Safety Analytics services complement other PwC talent analytics and predictive services programs by extracting even more insights from your HR Big Data. We use advanced statistical techniques to find the hidden patterns, so you can anticipate rather than react. From surveys and benchmarking to predictive services and people analytics strategy, we help our clients make fact-based decisions about human capital, creating meaningful change for employees, teams, and entire organizations.


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