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Improving HR operations through workforce analytics

After a period of cost cutting, hiring freezes and budget constraints, HR leaders are being challenged to mobilize and manage talent to help their businesses return to growth. And while the activities of HR are increasingly focused on managing the broader human capital capabilities required to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage and global growth, company executives are placing more pressure on the HR function to perform better, smarter, faster, and cheaper. In order to accommodate this shift in focus, HR needs to rapidly align its priorities and resources to provide the wider range of expertise necessary. Organizations are increasingly looking to harness the power of workforce data—metrics, surveys and predictive analytics--to provide needed clarity on operational/HR cost drivers and more effectively manage the organization’s assets.

How we can help

Our global network of HR effectiveness professionals can help you with your workforce challenges and HR function effectiveness. We offer an objective view of your HR function's effectiveness, focused on fact-based financial and performance aspects of the HR function, coupled with our use of PwC Saratoga data. PwC Saratoga works with our clients to link measurement results with operational business results. We draw insight from your workforce data to improve your company’s return on investment in human resources and human capital, thus positioning HR as a bottom-line contributor to your company’s overall business strategy while evaluating your performance against the competition.

We assist clients in:  

  • Gathering and analyzing workforce data to improve your company’s productivity, employee engagement, and return on investment in human capital
  • Diagnosing opportunities to streamline, automate, redesign, or outsource various HR activities
  • Determining optimal staffing and internal HR roles
  • Modeling alternative service delivery and sourcing solutions
  • Developing the supporting business case for transforming HR capabilities

Our services include:

  • Human capital metrics, benchmarking and analytics
  • Human capital "dashboards"
  • Engagement surveys
  • Exit surveys
  • Predictive analytics
  • Talent management and workforce planning
  • HR function effectiveness & transformation
  • HR and human capital management strategy
  • Future state implementation

Value to your company

PwC's HR services professionals work with companies to develop HR measurement and benchmarking strategies and implement improvements in HR service delivery, with a goal of greater alignment with overall organizational strategy, resulting in:

  • Improved shareholder value and operating performance
  • Improved productivity, discretionary effort and return on investment in human capital
  • Better understanding of operational/HR cost drivers to more effectively manage the organization’s assets
  • Cost savings with minimal disruption to HR infrastructure and workforce

Please contact us to discuss how we can work together to help you improve HR operations through workforce analytics.

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US People and Organization Co-leader
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Principal, People Analytics
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