International assignment perspectives: Volume 4

July 2010
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International assignment perspectives: Volume 4

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International assignment perspectives, prepared by PwC's global mobility consulting professionals, addresses some of the most urgent issues facing companies with globally mobile workforces.

The primary issue facing global organizations is getting the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. As a result, the nature of international assignments has grown more complex over the years. We have seen international assignments evolve from largely long-term assignments given by large multinationals, to a new breed of mobile workers that go beyond the traditional expatriate assignments to meet the growing demands of globalization.

Naturally this influences global mobility programs and policies. International mobility is an intensely strategic issue and getting it right means mastering the tax implications, building attractive propositions for candidates and developing effective return programs. All too often companies take their eye off the ball while employees are away on assignments. As a result, approximately one third of assignees resign within 12 months of completing an assignment — an unfortunate waste of investment and talent.

PwC's International assignment services practice has published its fourth thought leadership journal International assignment perspectives: Volume 4, to help you understand some of the critical issues facing today's globally mobile workforce. In this edition, our global mobility consulting professionals cover timely topics, including:
  • Implications of permanent establishment status
  • Planning for deployment to or from Brazil
  • Cost saving opportunities for international assignees in Japan
  • Mobility and talent strategy in the engineering and construction industry
  • Addressing the challenges of intercompany cost allocations
  • The implications of Code Section 121
  • Significant tax law changes from calendar year 2009
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