The future of academic medical centers: Strategies to avoid a margin meltdown

Academic medical centers (AMCs) are the nucleus of the U.S. health system, yet they face multiple challenges. Chief among these challenges are: the prospect of funding reductions with more than 10% of revenue under threat, new quality metrics that may weaken AMC’s market perception, and the structural inability to move quickly in a rapidly-changing environment. To survive, AMCs must reinvent themselves by embracing new types of collaboration, re-engineer operations, and use technology as a new kind of extender.

Generations of health care professionals in the U.S. have trained and worked at academic medical centers, forging a distinct role in society: caring for the sick, educating future doctors, and performing cutting-edge research. To ensure future success AMCs must fully embrace collaboration, innovation, and technology. This 10Minutes offers a menu of strategies to sustain this American icon at a time of mounting financial pressure.


David Chin: AMCs will change medical education

Roger Deshaies: Changing the AMC business model

Thomas J. Graham, M.D.: AMC innovation and collaboration