Social media "likes" healthcare: From marketing to social business

Social media is changing the way consumers and health organizations interact.

How are some of the largest healthcare companies using social media? Adopters in the health industry tell PwC that despite concerns about integrating social media into data analytics and measuring its effectiveness, they are incorporating social media into their business strategy. By doing the following:

  • Tapping into social media to foster new relationships
  • Expanding their roles with customers via social media
  • Moving dialog from one-to-many to many-to-many

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Generational differences: Nearly 90% of 18- to 24-year-olds indicated they would engage in health activities through social media. Source: PwC HRI Social media "likes" healthcare, 2012

Consumer expectations: Nearly 50% of respondents expect their healthcare providers to respond within a few hours to appointment requests made via social media. Source: PwC HRI Social media "likes" healthcare, 2012

Social media week in the life analysis: Customers spent 24 times as much time on healthcare consumer community sites than on healthcare company sites. Source: PwC HRI Social media "likes" healthcare, 2012

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