Beyond 2020: Building strategic coherence in the New Health Economy

We identify four ways to play in the New Health Economy – and break down the risks and opportunities for each.

The competitive landscape for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies around the world is changing rapidly. We are now in the “New Health Economy” in which drug pricing pressures, scientific breakthroughs, expanding global demand for health care access, and emerging digital and analytical capabilities are pushing the health care industry toward a new ecosystem defined by collaboration, quality and consumer value. 

Change requires a new strategic approach – one that enables companies to understand market trends, and build the internal capabilities needed to execute. This article explores specific trends affecting pharmaceutical and life sciences companies and provides clear guidance for how organizations can best respond.

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Fast focus

  • Research has shown that organizations with a capabilities-based strategy deliver higher returns to shareholders. But to archive this, management teams must go beyond the traditional strategy development and ask themselves some tough questions: How does the company truly create value?
  • An aging population, urbanization, and growth in emerging markets have increased the burden on healthcare systems worldwide. For biopharma, that has translated to new customers and greater demand for medicine.
  • In the New Health Economy, portfolio management requires capturing synergies among multiple business units while still preserving the right level of autonomy.

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