Pharmaceutical Commerce: Top health industry issues for life sciences in 2014

Michael Swanick, global leader of PwC's pharmaceutical and life sciences practice, shares findings based on our Health Research Institute's annual Top health industry issues report.

Each fall, PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI) polls 1,000 consumers and interviews industry experts to identify the top ten health industry issues for the coming year. The scope of the survey ranges across the entire healthcare landscape, from manufacturers to providers to insurers and retailers.

4 of the 10 findings that we believe will directly impact pharma, biotech and device manufacturers are:

  • Armed with cash and know-how, corporate venture capital picks up the slack
  • A new lens on clinical trials
  • Pharmaceutical supply chain security: Combating counterfeit drugs
  • Pulling it all together: Social, mobile analytics and cloud technologies prime health industry for new business models

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