Healthcare executives rediscover origins of 'Lean'

Every company’s business model defines how it makes money, but behind that is an operating model that marshals assets, partners, technologies, processes, and systems to actually get results. Leading companies look for opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage in their operating models — better serving customers by providing more options at a lower cost.

45% Percentage of respondents
acknowledge that supply chain is
perceived as a strategic asset in their

(Source: PwC Global Supply Chain 2013 Survey)
Putting supply chain on
the global agenda.

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70% Percentage of higher
performance achieved by companies
that acknowledge supply chain as a
strategic asset.

(Source: PwC Global Supply Chain 2013 Survey)
10Minutes on supply
chain flexibility.

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53% Percentage of US CEOs who plan to
strengthen engagement with their key
suppliers to both minimize costs and
maximize supply chain flexibility and delivery

(Source: PwC 2013 US CEO Survey)
Shoring up your supply chain.

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Effective operations strategy can create business advantage

In today’s volatile business environment, companies are faced with increased competition and significant risks, leading executives to consider new approaches to the way they do business. Operations can and should be a strategic source of competitive advantage, not just a cost-effective enabler of a business strategy. In fact, the relationship between business strategy and operational strategy should go both ways. Just as a good business strategy can drive operational health, a well-conceived operations strategy can help shape an effective overall business strategy.


Leading change in the health services industry

Healthcare organizations need to think about talent in new ways; reconsidering talent strategies that can engage the millennial workforce.
People and Change Strategy.


Virtual testing center for healthcare industry

PwC’s Virtual Business Office (VBO) is a virtual extension of your brick-and-mortar business office; connecting directly to your patient accounting system through a virtual private network (VPN) that resolves accounts receivable at their source. We also create a detailed procedural document and customized play book to mirror your policies and procedures for handling A/Rs; creating a true virtual environment and clear trail of notes and actions performed so your system remains the system of record for compliance purposes.

The virtual testing center allows clients to scale their health IT resources in a more cost effective manner.
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