Patient engagement: Pharma’s strategy for success in the New Health Economy

Pharmaceutical companies are facing new demands from consumers, regulators, insurers and independent groups. Constructive engagement with patients and consumers can form a crucial link between these stakeholders, providing better outcomes and value for pharmaceutical companies

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Executive summary

To understand how the pharmaceutical industry can position itself to better benefit from patient engagement, PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI) analyzed recent regulatory changes and surveyed consumers about their willingness to engage with pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare entities. Key findings include:

  • Consumers are taking charge of their health and asking to be more involved in decisions related to their care.
  • Regulators are tailoring regulatory approvals to patients’ tolerance for risk and desire for benefits.
  • The healthcare system at large, and insurers in particular, are asking pharmaceutical companies for more evidence that products produce favorable outcomes.
  • Companies can increase their chances of regulatory and commercial success by proactively engaging with patients and learning more about the day-to-day experiences of living with particular diseases, those patients’ values and needs, and their willingness to assume risks in return for access to new treatments.

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