Hospitals and health systems feel the impact of hurricanes long after the floodwaters recede


Months and even years after the winds subside and the floodwaters recede, hospitals and health systems in regions battered by a hurricane will still be dealing with the financial, physical and reputational wreckage caused by the storm. Hospitals face closure, chaotic revenue cycle operations, disrupted supply chains, possible credit downgrades, destroyed and damaged physical assets and displaced workforces and patients. Partner institutions, such as long-term care facilities and retail pharmacies, may temporarily, or permanently, operate at diminished capacities. To survive such an event, hospitals and health systems should plan for the complex challenges left in the wake of a hurricane or other natural disaster.

In the wake of a storm, hospitals and health systems will have to take many actions to help themselves and their communities recover. Some of the actions include:

   Source: PwC Health Research Institute

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