Solving the talent equation for health IT

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In the ongoing quest for affordable, accessible, accountable healthcare, information technologies are taking center stage. Health IT, or HIT, is the critical connector—delivering real-time data to caregivers, helping drug and device makers prove their value and arming purchasers in government and the private sector with metrics to make smarter decisions.

However, healthcare companies are scrambling to fill an IT talent void that could impede progress toward meeting government and consumer expectations, delivering on strategic priorities, and capitalizing on new growth prospects.

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Key findings

  • Healthcare companies are increasingly borrowing technology specialists from other industries.
  • Healthcare companies must bring business and technology closer together to take advantage of the wealth of data being generated to improve health outcomes and constrain rising costs.
  • Seventy-five percent of providers are currently hiring new employees to support their IT priorities. They believe clinical informatics will be the most important skill for achieving their IT priorities.
  • Insurers ranked systems and data integration skills as most important to meeting HIT priorities and 89% think it is very important to have employees trained to integrate and analyze data from various sources.
  • Drug and device companies need a new set of tech skills to support emerging methods of conducting research and the need to prove the value of drugs to public and private purchasers. Thirty-nine percent believe it is important for new hires to be skilled in health economics outcomes research.

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