Factors Affecting Medical Cost Trends: Deflators

Factors Reducing Spending Growth include:
Hospital Readmissions

New readmission penalties take direct aim at waste in the health system, estimated to be as high as 30%. With the penalties set to increase and the public focusing on patient safety, hospitals will act aggressively in 2014 to ensure patients don’t require a return trip. Reduced readmissions help push down medical cost trend.

Margaret Stover, PwC Principal, discusses how access to data empowers physicians to increase quality of care and save costs.
Margaret Stover
PwC Principal

Hospital readmissions headlines raise public awareness
"The early data on hospital readmissions is encouraging. Providers are implementing programs that both improve care and reduce costs, primarily by focusing attention on discharge instructions, smoother transitions and better follow-up care. Now the challenge is to continue pushing toward full transformation of the health system."

—Margaret Stover,
PwC Principal